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First-time Mom

On Friday December 6th 2013, I gave birth to a beautiful baby Girl. She came into this world weighing 7lbs. 7.2oz. Heading towards 3 weeks of mommy-hood, I’m adapting to the lifestyle of having a newborn baby. I’ve heard horror stories about being overwhelmed and many sleepless nights ,on the contrary, I have a great support system and that helps me tremendously! As of rite now, Baby Brooke’s schedule works to my benefit. During the first week, she slept all day and just about all night. Her favorite hours, were 12:30am till about 1:30am. Let’s skip on to the second week of life. She’s up during the day, napping less, but sleeping longer during the night!! Thank God!

Love is Family!

I can’t express to you how much my life has changed! From being pregnant to now being a mother. I’ve truly learned that you can never compare you situation to someone else and that no matter what anyone may say, GOD has the final and last say! I say this because at 19weeks (pregnant) during a routine doctors visit. I was told that my cervix was shortening and there is a possibility that I may lose my baby. Now i’m presented with the option to get a cerclage (a stitch to hold the cervix shut until full term) or take the risk and continue my pregnancy as normal. Neither option was 100%….I made the decision to get the cerclage. Of all days, the cerclage was scheduled on my birthday July 16th. Not only was I pregnant on my birthday but I was getting a major surgery that could possibly cause me to miscarry but also protecting me from a miscarriage at the same time!!

After my cerclage procedure

Here we stand at 37 weeks pregnant, at a routine doctor visit to remove the cerclage. I was told my baby wouldn’t survive and my pregnancy would not go full term. I’m a living testimony that GOD is a miracle worker! I survived the cerclage. I did not lose my baby. I made it to my due date 12/5/2013. I had a vaginal birth. I was in labour for 27 hours and I pushed her out within 20 minutes. No stitches, No infections, and NO COMPLAINTS!

No matter what it is in life, you can never compare your situation to others but you can share the experience. When life happens you have to keep the faith and depend on God. In my situation, God was the only person I could depend on to help me through. Like the saying goes, if he did it for me, he will do it for you!

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Baby Shower! It’s a Girl!

Over this past weekend, We celebrated the welcoming of Baby Brooke. I’m currently 36weeks pregnant and I’m patiently waiting on her arrival! Here are a few pictures from the baby shower. Enjoy and God Bless! 
                     Mommy and Baby Brooke
         3 Generation (Me, My Mom, and Baby Brooke)

                            Daddy and Mommy
                                  Best Friends

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31weeks pregnant

Jus dropping a few pics of my going to the doctors look. As you can tell I look forward to goin to the doctors. Baby is healthy and doing very well. Due date is getting closer 12/5/2013

29 and Pregnant

Born and raised in New Jersey, I’m 29 years old and pregnant with my first child (baby girl). Where do I start! 
Action! So I get a phone call from my best friend! Convo: did you get your period yet? Me: no, why? BFF: oh I got mines today. Sb: our menstrual cycle is always behind each other mines being first then hers. Me: biiiiiitch, I’m pregnant!!! Bff: how you know, maybe your cycle jus changed. Me: naw son, I always get my period every 28 days and mines always come before yours! (End scene) After my phone call with my BFF, I then called my boyfriend. I’m crying hysterically and hyperventilating to the point he can’t even understand a word I’m saying. Finally, I managed to say, I think I’m pregnant. We hopped in the car, ended up at target. As I walk in. I’m thinking “oh my god everyone knows I’m pregnant lol”. I’m roaming the isles looking for the cheapest pregnancy test. Boom! I found one with two test! Purchase has been made. I go into the bathroom, the last bathroom to be exact. Opened the test, praying for strength from God to handle whatever the outcome may be. I take the test, before I could put the test down, I seen the double lines. 
My life has changed because of the life I carry inside my womb. I’m currently 27weeks pregnant, this experience is the realist ever! 
My First Trimester: I was completely exhausted. Low appetite and I slept all day and my bedtime was no later than 9:30pm. Every evening at like 6pm I would get nauseous, but my lovely Popsicles cured that every time. On an emotional scale, I was worried about being a good parent. How am I goin to take care of this baby, can I take care of this baby. Every negative thought in the world ran through my mind. I kept the faith and prayed!

Second Trimester: Thank God, I feel like a human being again! No more negative thoughts about being a good mother. My energy levels were back to normal. Appetite still low. I slept after every meal I ate. I’ve heard the heartbeat of Baby B, seen the sonogram, and that sealed the deal! I”M REALLY PREGNANT!!!


I’m heading into my third trimester, I’m looking forward to that and shortly there after we will be welcoming Baby B into the world!!!! All questions and comment are welcomed. Please follow and stay tuned! 


 I’m Pregnant and I wanna stay fashionable!!!

I’m currently 16weeks in my 2nd Trimester 🙂 this is my First pregnancy and I wanna stay fashionable thru-out my entire pregnancy! As of rite now, my pants/jeans are not fitting but since its Summer, dresses, rompers, and leggings are my go to’s. Anything with stretch is my BFF. I’m not trying to have a pregnancy wardrobe at all. Just a few pieces that can serve all purposes. My places to shop are: (great options), Wal-Mart, Kmart, and any department store. More pregnancy fashion pictures to come, I can’t wait!!!



Denim Jacket: forever21
Clutch: The Limited
Sunglasses: Wal-Mart (men’s section)


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