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Checkout plus-size knee slit jeans!  These jeans are Official! Asos is serving different colors and washes. I heard the fit is great, if you have a pair, comment below and let’s discuss!
Plussize Trends

Rare Styles by Design: Must Haves!

Lately, I haven’t been able to budget in “my fashion must haves”… So I decided to post them into the atmosphere lol. I personally love a good over-sized vintage tee. You can wear it as is or tie a knot in the front and/or back for extra swagg. Secondly, we have the high-waist jeans that are great for my ladies with extra loving (mid-section). Forever 21 Plus size jeans always gives a good stretch for comfort and length for the Tall’s. Last but certainly not least, the fringe crop top! Great piece for a pop of style.
Rare Styles by Design: Must Haves!

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 black cami

Forever 21 black jeans

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