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I remember being in high school and trying to keep up with the latest trends. I was barely keeping up! I noticed early in life that I’m just going to wear what I like and that’s it. Nowadays with social media and being a fashion blogger, I’m still off track with the newest and latest. For those who feel the way I do, be you and create your own lane! As I became aware of my body type and height, I began to create fashionable looks that worked for me. I also went to The Art Institute of NYC to pursue the dream of being a fashion stylist. After receiving my associates degree in fashion design in 2005, I’ve struggled ever since to make that dream a reality.

It’s now October 2013 and life has definitely been real! Back in April 2013, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Now it’s really time to get it together! For years I’ve always wanted to start a blog and open up my own boutique. In May, I created my first fashion blog and opened up my online accessory website. It may have took me a while to start pedaling on the road of success but once you start don’t stop! Create your own lane and go at your own speed. You may pass many and many will pass you, stay encouraged and put GOD first!

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Leading Ladies of Curves

Being curvy and fabulous, is celebrated more than ever! We can find social groups and networks near and far that caters to the plus size lifestyle. Leading Ladies of Curves is a curvaceous haven. LLC is an organization based in Atlanta, GA that uplifts and empowers the plus size community. These ladies are a powerful force that’s on the move. Providing services such as community outreach, feeding the homeless, a mentoring program and etc.

Although I’m not in Georgia, I can still stay connected and informed with the Leading Ladies of Curves through social media. If you’re located near the surrounding cities of Atlanta, GA get up and out! Support the Leading Ladies of Curves!

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Leading Ladies of Curves


“Leading Ladies of Curves is a group of friends, who are all about promoting a positive plus lifestyle…We wanted to provide a comfortable setting where everyone feels comfortable. Ladies come be comfortable, sexy, and confident. On this page you can find the hottest fashion tips, all different types of night life, and celebrity interviews… Being Confident and Plus is what we are all about!! If you are a plus model, photographer, stylist/ designer/store owner, and active in the plus world, and you would like your business promoted here for free… Please email photos/bio/contact info to We are available to speak at functions and are involved in community outreach.”

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