#1 on my Makeup Wishlist

Strolling through the makeup counters at macys, I stumbled across this well packaged concealer and liquid foundation combo at the LancĂ´me counter.(I’m a sucker for well packaged presentations). I did the cheek sample and fell in love! One of thee best 2in1’s ever! I’ve always been a m.a.c girl but know its time to venture out. Due to the fact I’m pregnant and my skin is up and down, I will be making this purchase after the birth of my baby girl. Until then if you guys are interested in purchasing this or have it already let me know your views. Please follow and don’t forget to comment. Stay tuned!
The second runner up. L’Oreal voluminous smoldering eye pencil. I will be making this purchase ASAP. This product will be included in my make up routine for my baby shower. The baby shower is Saturday November 2nd. Pictures will be posted.

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