Rare Styles (ootd & ootn)


  •  Tuxedo Vest: Forever 21 Plus
  • Black Tank: Forever 21
  • Skort: Forever 21 Plus
  • Clutch: The Limited
  • Shoes: justfab.com


  • Top: asos.com
  • Pants: asos.com

Fall and Faux Fur’s

Saturday’s outing to a baby shower. I finally decided to wear my faux fur vest that I purchased from forever21 over a year ago! Being pregnant and fashionable may look easy, but it is most certainly a task! Hardwork always looks effortless. Here are a few pictures and outfit details. Enjoy, follow, and comment! Stay tuned!
Top: Old Navy
Vest: Forever21
Leggings: Sears Department Store
Bag: JC Penney

Ending summer with another Happy 30th

Summer 2013 is nearing the end and we went out with a bang! Celebrating my best friend 30th Birthday! Here’s a few pics from thee event enjoy! Please feel free to comment and don’t forget to follow. Stay tuned!
Dress: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Birthday girl and I (27weeks preggo)

29 and Pregnant

Born and raised in New Jersey, I’m 29 years old and pregnant with my first child (baby girl). Where do I start! 
Action! So I get a phone call from my best friend! Convo: did you get your period yet? Me: no, why? BFF: oh I got mines today. Sb: our menstrual cycle is always behind each other mines being first then hers. Me: biiiiiitch, I’m pregnant!!! Bff: how you know, maybe your cycle jus changed. Me: naw son, I always get my period every 28 days and mines always come before yours! (End scene) After my phone call with my BFF, I then called my boyfriend. I’m crying hysterically and hyperventilating to the point he can’t even understand a word I’m saying. Finally, I managed to say, I think I’m pregnant. We hopped in the car, ended up at target. As I walk in. I’m thinking “oh my god everyone knows I’m pregnant lol”. I’m roaming the isles looking for the cheapest pregnancy test. Boom! I found one with two test! Purchase has been made. I go into the bathroom, the last bathroom to be exact. Opened the test, praying for strength from God to handle whatever the outcome may be. I take the test, before I could put the test down, I seen the double lines. 
My life has changed because of the life I carry inside my womb. I’m currently 27weeks pregnant, this experience is the realist ever! 
My First Trimester: I was completely exhausted. Low appetite and I slept all day and my bedtime was no later than 9:30pm. Every evening at like 6pm I would get nauseous, but my lovely Popsicles cured that every time. On an emotional scale, I was worried about being a good parent. How am I goin to take care of this baby, can I take care of this baby. Every negative thought in the world ran through my mind. I kept the faith and prayed!

Second Trimester: Thank God, I feel like a human being again! No more negative thoughts about being a good mother. My energy levels were back to normal. Appetite still low. I slept after every meal I ate. I’ve heard the heartbeat of Baby B, seen the sonogram, and that sealed the deal! I”M REALLY PREGNANT!!!

Email: rarestylesbydesign@gmail.com

I’m heading into my third trimester, I’m looking forward to that and shortly there after we will be welcoming Baby B into the world!!!! All questions and comment are welcomed. Please follow and stay tuned! 

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