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Heyyy! Thank you so much for checking out Rare Styles by Design. Welcome! My name is Jathiyah G. A Newark, NJ native. I’m a Style Blogger/Stylist who provides visual concepts of how to create looks that compliments your body and personal style. You can expect weekly post from informative and inspirational to "The Look of the Day". I look forward to connecting with all my Rare Styler's. Thank you again for reading and following. Be Blessed and Remember your appearance speaks before you do!

Look for Less

Look for Less by fashionista1984 featuring high heel pumps Oasis slim fit shirt$7.75 – Alice You black Topshop brown velvet River Island pencil skirt$81 – Zara high heel JustFabulous pointed […]


Lifestyle by fashionista1984 featuring Tek Gear NIKE activewear NIKE racerback sports Tek Gear Forever 21 stripe Activewear Forever 21 skinny Adidas trainers$115 – Eva Solo Water Bottle With […]


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