What’s the one thing….

What’s the one thing that completely compliments your frame or look?

In my opinion, peplum’s are thee most flattering. It creates a defined waistline and embellishes your hips. Providing you with a classic hourglass shape.

Below are a few pictures of how I created my peplum styled look. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment and ask questions. For more Fashions and Fun follow me on Instagram @rarestylesbydesign




Peplum Ruffle Top: Rosegal.com

Jeans: Forever21 Plus

Shoes: Gojane.com

Eartings: Aldo Accessories

Target 🎯

So a few Saturday’s ago, I had to pick up a few things from Target. Needless to say, I ended up in the shoe department 🤦🏾‍♀️.

I’ve noticed mules, slide on’s, or slippers. Whatever you call’em by (LoL) are on trend and wayyyyy more chic.

Pictured below are a few statement pieces that should be added to your wardrobe. Great for a stylish day of shopping and running errands. If you like, you can opt out those heels for a comfy night on the town.

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New Post (ootd & ootn)

Hello my Loves (LoL)! Welcome and Thank you for checking out my Blog. Not going to hold you long at all. I’m always trying to get a good photo op whenever I’m out and about. So below are one of my most recent look’s from this past weekend , last weekend, and Easter. Hope you enjoy!

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*Remember your appearance speaks before you do!

Front View

Dress: Asos.com

Shoes: Zara.com

Hair: Unice.com

Back View

Jacket: BooHoo.com

Top: Forever 21 Plus

Jeans: Riverisland.com

Shoes: Justfab.com


Lace Top: Justfab.com

Robe: Forever 21

Jeans: Justfab.com

Shoes: Zara.com

Bag: Thrifted

Outfit Idea Tuesday

Due to technical difficulties, my favorite site to create my concepts SHUT DOWN!! No panic necessary! Thank God for https://urstyle.com/user/rarestyles/sets they have allowed me to not only create more set’s but I was able to retrieve my sets from Polyvore. Yayyyy!!! I now present to you Outfit Idea Tuesday’s.

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Remember your appearance speaks before you do!


It’s Tuesday 💋

Heyyyy! We meet again! How was your week? Hope it was fun, fashionable, and productive. As always, I’m in the fashion trap, whipping up these outfit ideas. I hope these sets inspire and motivate your personal style.

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For full outfit details click link https://rarestylesbydesign.polyvore.com/

Outfit Idea Tuesday’s

Happy Tuesday to all! Welcome to Rare Styles by Design. As always, I’ve prepared some bomb style idea concepts for you all. I’m keeping it very simple today. I appreciate all the blog love and support. Keep it coming! LoL. Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rarestylesbydesign/. Twitter https://twitter.com/rarestyledesign and Like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rarestylesbydesign/

For all outfit details below click link https://rarestylesbydesign.polyvore.com/