Mixing and Matching 

Soooo it’s Halloween weekend and I never follow the rules and dress up! Definitely not a planned night but I managed to push through. I literally threw this look together! The corset like body suit from asos really pulled the look together. Loved it so much I had to provide the link for you guys! Thank me later 😉http://us.asos.com/missguided-tall/missguided-tall-bust-detail-body/prd/8529169?setPrefSite=true&r=1&mk=na. I really love this look!

The second look below is the next day at work. Can’t you tell how happy I am to be at work after a night of Good fun! LoL!

Don’t forget to follow and ask questions. Any inquiries, you may email me at rarestylesbydesign@gmail.com

Top (Corset like style): Asos.com

Camo Pants: By Tensel from Lord & Taylor’s

Shoes: Zara

Bag: JcPenney

Sweatshirt: Rainbow Shops (plus size)

Jeans: Fashionnova

OTK Boots: Forever 21

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