Insecure 📺

After all the talk about the HBO Series “Insecure”, I finally checked it out for myself! I completely binged watched the first season and I patiently waited every Sunday for Season’s 2 New episodes.

I hated the fact that Issa and Lawrence broke up but I Loveeeee Daniel and Issa together. Their chemistry is electric and the passion! Chileeeee I live for it all! Molly and Dro (side eye) So much for an “open” marriage they’re having a FULL on affair, if you ask me. Tiffany and her husband! I want more. Everything cannot be that great in paradise. Remember when Tiffany said something about him moving out for like a month. I want the details on their marriage ASAP! Last but certainly not least. My gurl Kelli. She’s a fool. Lol! Love the weight loss, she looks great! She and her current boy-toy seems to be hanging in there. She certainly says everything that I’m thinking while watching the show. Kelli holds nothing in, especially in the scene at the table inside the diner. LMAO!!

It’s very clear that I’m in love with the show but I’ve been creatively inspired as well. Down below are my personal outfit ideas for each of the lady characters. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow and comment.

Here’s a direct link for details of each outfit idea.

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