Weekend in Style!

Another fun-filled weekend of good weather and fashion!

Hope you enjoy my pics! Feel free to comment and ask questions ~Rare Styles by Design

20140615-235735-86255714.jpgTop: Forever21

Jeans: Macy’s

Shoes: Gojane.com (very old)

Bag: Asos.com




20140615-235734-86254616.jpgWaiiiitttt I wasn’t ready *Kevin Hart Voice*


20140615-235736-86256944.jpgA Good ol’ Blurry Bathroom pic! lol (u know it was the end of the night, look at the tilt on my right foot..Lmao)



20140615-235737-86257490.jpgTop: Forever 21 Plus

Pants: Jc Penney




20140615-235738-86258324.jpgReally! A bug was on my pants!!!!





20140615-235738-86258651.jpgTank Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Old Navy


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