Body Types! All shapes and sizes are Unique and Beautiful

As women, we all struggle with body concepts and types. Don’t worry! I’m here to help and give a few tips. The pictures below gives a visual of a few body types/shapes. If you do not see your body type fret not, you can be a combination of more than one type.

                                                                          PLUS-SIZE BODY TYPES

Diamond: If you’re tall, average, or petite most diamond shapes are narrow at the shoulders and back. The waistline is usually the dominate area, wide hips and thick thighs with a small ample rear. Legs are proportioned and toned. Tips: Balance is the key to every shape! Since the waistline is popular, you can draw in attention with dramatic necklines (boat neck, V-neck, off the shoulder etc.) You can always cinch in the waist with a belt. Don’t forget to Show Off those Lovely Legs!!!
Created by Fashionista1984
Triangle: It’s obvious that the bottom portion is the dominate in this case. Narrow shoulders, narrow waistline and wide hips with proportional legs. Tips: The #1 rule to de-emphasizing large hips. Wear darker colors on the bottom and light colors on the top.
Created by Fashionista1984
Rectangle: Usually has a short neckline and a undefined waist. Shoulders, hips, and legs are proportioned. Tips: Focus on creating a well-defined waist!
Created by Fashionista1984
Oval: Short necklines with full faces. Slightly broad shoulders, a great bust line, and slender arms. A prominent waistline and curvy hips with a great pair of well-toned legs! Tips: Keep balance by creating a waistline.
Created by Fashionista1984
Hourglass: Thee most popular body type in the universe! Well balanced shoulders with a defined waist line. Curvy hips and shapely legs. Tips: If you got it, Flaunt It!!!
Created by Fashionista1984
Inverted Triangle: Top heavy! Broad shoulder/back with a full bust. Narrow bottom (waist, hips, and rear). Great toned and muscular legs! Tips: No shoulder padded tops/jackets and keep a well balanced silhouette.
Created by Fashionista1984
Figure Eight: Curves galore!! Well proportioned with a heavier bottom, full thighs, and rear. A well defined waistline with a little extra to grab! Great shoulder/back formation, full arms, and ample bust. Tips: Always define your waistline and create smooth and continuous curves
Created by Fashionista1984
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