Stepping into Fall!

Fall in Love!

Living in New Jersey, we have the luxury of ALL 4Seasons! Its officially fall and the breeze is letting us know its here. I’ve decided to do some browsing for fall trends and shoe fashions. I personally love a good slouchy boot! After seconds of research, here’s what I found. Take a look! Follow and comment. Stay tuned!

Click link below to view boots!

Click link to view!
Click link to view!

Not only did I come across a few great pairs of shoes. Sweaters and I mean OVERSIZED sweaters are great for comfort and fashion! You can wear a plaid button down underneath or a t-shirt (its your choice). Depending on the length of an oversized sweater, it can also be worn as a dress. Pair it with some tights or opaque stockings and your good as ready!
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View Sweater Click below!

View Sweater Click below!

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