Celebrating Life

Today marks 22weeks of Pregnancy! Yay! It’s passing by so quickly. Not only did I celebrate my 29th Birthday on 7/16/2013, I also found out the sex of our baby. I’m proud to announce that we’re having a……Baby Girl!!! It’s starting to feel more real. I can finally stop calling the baby “it” and say “my little girl”.
The second trimester is definitely a breathe of fresh air. My energy levels are up, I’m more alert and productive. Pregnancy brain is real! One second you talking about this, talking about that, then you forget and can’t remember…LOL(laugh out loud)
Every pregnancy is most certainly different and unique. I’m enjoying every moment. I thank God for this wonderful Blessing and experience. Being pregnant is absolutely amazing! God is! That’s all I can say. 

        Me and @ Nickey B. (Checkout her Bog)

       (we we’re @ a 30th Birthday Celebration )
                        Duck face pose #epic

                                     Dress: Asos
                                     Belt: Limited
                                     Shoes: Nine West

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