Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup
 As of rite now, package hair is in my budget. My favorite brand by choice is Sensationnel Premium Too (yaki natural) it blends best with my hair texture and the maintenance is manageable. Thee only product that I use is the treseme heat protectant. When it comes to washing my unit, only Co-Washes once or twice a month. My hair color is a mixture of #2 & #4 and the lengths are 12″ and 14″. How I achieve my curls: I use my 1″ flat iron. My personal tip: Curl entire head before combing into style.
My Makeup style is mainly simple and fresh. Concealer, pressed powder, eyelined eye (top &bottom) set with a pair of lashes, blush and lip gloss. Eyebrows are my specialty! I get them waxed and plucked at the salon. I pencil them in and brush in the harsh lines, I then outline with concealer for that perfect shape.

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